Building Permits

Staking a claim…

While I’m waiting for the heat to abate and some movement regarding putting in the dirt driveway I’m reviewing what I need to do about building permits.  There’s quite a list.  Since this is a new site it looks like I’ll need an Improvements Permit (IP), a Construction Authorization Permit (CA) and Well Permit from the Environmental Health division of the Chatham County Public Health Department.

That’s Step 1 before applying for the building permit itself.  Step 2 is securing a 911 address from Emergency Operations.  Step 3 is seeing if there is county water available but I already know there isn’t so I guess I can skip talking to Chatham County Utilities.  Step 4 is submitting a final set of plans to be stamped approved by Building Inspections for residential projects.  Plans need to include: footing/foundation plans; floor plans; elevations; typical wall section; and structural plans (I-Beams, joists, girders, rafters etc.)

In addition I’ll need to include the names and license #s of the electrical, mechanical and plumbing contractors.  Then, in order to act as my own general contractor, I need to complete and have notarized an Owner’s Statement Form.  After all that is handed in the application for the builders permit moves through the approval process.

All this means that I had better come to some kind of informed decision about what I will be able to build with the cash at hand.  I found a very simple 1 bedroom, 1 bath house plan on the internet that may be the place to start.  Time to get some educated opinions on this…more to come.  Writing this journal is helping me get focused.

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