Over the river and through the woods…

Well, it’s not exactly a river…

but it is through the woods.

Months from now there will be a creek that lives up to the name.  I believe the official description of this “creek” is “intermittent stream”.  I’ll post pictures when it really looks like something.

I have made the first step in picking a house site – being able to look around and get some sense of direction.  I don’t know about you but when I’m in the middle of the summer woods I’m lucky if I know right from left.  In the next couple of days the gravel will be put down and I’ll be able to drive the car onto the property.  For me that will be such a momentous occasion I will have to stop myself from just pitching another tent and moving in.

Things to consider about the house site are setbacks from the property lines, how level the ground is, what special trees I might want to protect, and very importantly, where the septic system might be put in order to have it gravity fed.  I’ll be walking around the end of the driveway with various friends and family members in the next few days to play with ideas and visions.

Once I can mark the possible four corners of the imagined house I’ll be able to draw a site plan.  The advice is to mark the house site somewhat bigger than you expect to build to allow for variations and changes in plans.  I’m going to build something somewhere around 30′ by 4o’ so I’ll square off an area (rectangle off) about 40′ by 50′.  Then I will be able to draw a site plan, hopefully one that will be acceptable to the powers that be.  The next step will take me to the Chatham County Division of Environmental Health to apply for an Improvement Permit.  The link takes you to a page that explains thing in detail.  http://www.chathamnc.org/Index.aspx?page=1054 They’ll set a time when someone will come out to the site and make sure the land percs in the vicinity of where I want to put the house.  When a location is approved I’ll apply for a Construction Authorization and then, when (not if) all goes well, I can tell Yow Grading and Septic to go ahead.  (Yes, they are doing the road and will also be able to dig the footing for the house once I get that far.)

Then it’s on to digging a well where you don’t have go down a million feet to find water.  The well also has some restrictions as to where it can be put i.e. it has to be 100′ from the septic system.  Anyone know some talented dowsers?

Finally the major prep work on the land will be done and I will be able to concentrate more specifically on house plans.  More on that to come.

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