Stepping off…

Well, the holidays came and went and the economy went, went, went and moving ahead hit a wall of hesitation and uncertainty.  The question arose of whether or not I should start something I was increasingly unsure of whether or not I would be able to finish.  I don’t advocate or advise that anyone follow my lead but focusing on the realization that nothing is ever finished if it doesn’t get started , I decided to step off the rock of certainty into the open space of possibility.  I cut the size of the house down to 400 square feet designed to meet the requirements for a certificate of occupancy and be Stage One of a three stage project.  Stage Two will add a bedroom and office.  Stage Three will add a screened in porch.  I’m also in the process of copyrighting the three stages of the design.

Stage One provides the core necessities of a dwelling – a place to cook a meal, take a shower and go to sleep.  It doesn’t really much meet the George Carlin definition of home as “a place to store your stuff” but there’s room for my couches, piano, table and chairs, desk and books.  Since most of my clothing can be folded and kept in drawers I’ll manage to squeeze a chest of drawers in there somewhere too.  So maybe it comes pretty close…depends on how much “stuff” there is….

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