Site Plan

Before the actual building permit came the permits for the well and septic systems.  Each of these required a site plan indicating the exact location of the proposed house, property lines, any other buildings that may be on the pro[perty, and of course the planned locations of the well and septic system vis à vis the house and property lines.

This took some walking around and measuring, a task that my younger daughter helped me with.  I stopped at my local building supply store to pick up some gardening gloves and two packages of yellow flag markers, grabbed my measuring tape and we took off for the woods.

A good sized area had already been cleared at the time of the driveway construction.  Since the house design itself was still in flux I took some advice offered and decided to mark off a 50×50 space for the house to give a generous leeway for final size and positioning.  The well needed to be 100 feet from all septic areas, 50 feet from any building foundation and ten feet from any property line.  The minimum setback requirements for residential septic systems were listed as 1oo feet from wells, 5 feet from building foundation, 15 feet from building foundation with basement, 10 feet from property line’10 feet from water line. 50 feet from ponds, lakes, intermittent streams and creeks and 15 feet from swimming pools (at least I didn’t have to concern myself with that one).

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