Lights! Camera! Action!

Lots and lots of pictures….

Steve ( Redmon Masonry Inc.) sights for the footings…


Wouldn’t you know that I’d get a flat on the first day of construction?  But I was rescued by Steve’s helper.  My spare was good enough to get me to an auto shop where I wound up buying two new tires.  I kinda knew that was going to happen sooner or later but…I was hoping for later.

The first shovelful…

Lots more shovels full….

Then…while my back was turned…

the beginnings of the foundation appeared.

Then it was time to call the Maness Well people back to get the well pump hooked up and call the plumbers.

But first, in order for the pump to work it had to be hooked up to the electric panel so Jacques came back to take care of that….

Here’s what the plumbers got going with….

Jacques laid in his electric line to the house in the trench with the plumbing and the inspector came to check it all out.

The plumbing passed with flying colors but the inspector asked that a compaction test be conducted by a soil engineer and the report, with a seal, be placed in the InfoBox.  He also said I’d need to have a port-a-john on the site.  I knew what a port-a-john was and had no problem finding a local company (We Pump It) to bring one in.  But the compaction report business took some figuring out.

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